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The STEP Conference is back & will be held April 8-9, 2022 with a preconference on April 7th  at the Hilton Garden Inn at College Town, 30 Celebration Drive, Rochester, NY 14620.

This year we are working with Vigilant Fire Training to provide a dedicated fire-related track in addition to the educational offerings for EMS, first responders and others interested in public safety and health-related issues as STEP has done in past conferences.

Plenary speakers include Murad Raheem, Regional Admin. US Dept of Health/Human Services, Tracey Seibert from Lifespan, Drs Art Cooper, Elizabeth Murray & Elise Vanderjagt, & Deborah Turner who oversees 211/Life/Lifeline and its Suicide Hotline.

Among the variety of workshop topics, two of the mandated topics required for those providers using the NYS EMS CME recertification process are included - Safe Transport of Children on Friday afternoon, and Mindfulness for Self and Patient Health (EMS Mental Health) on Saturday afternoon.

As in past years, the vendor area will be open from 7:30am to 4pm on Friday, while on Saturday, the vendor area will be open until after lunch. For the full conference, including breakfast and buffet lunch both days, plus the usual breaks, and coffee all day both days, the fee for attendees is only $205 if registered by April 1st. Additional pricing for a single day or for the preconference can be found on the registration site.  Parking in the garage is free in the hotel parking spaces in the garage.

For attendee registration or information go to:

For vendor information or registration go to:

For information about conference-related questions, contact  

Information on nominations for the Lloyd Leve or Joanna awards or the Chloe Alexson scholarship can be found by going to the STEP website page  The deadline for nomination letters is March 10th  .

The conference agenda can be found at  is as follows:


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