• Ambulance/Air Transport Ambulance, Helicopter, Fixed Wing Ambulance/Air Transport
  • Fire Fire Departments/Districts, Search & Rescue Fire
  • Law Enforcement Police, Sheriffs, Security Law Enforcement
  • Hospitals/Outpatient Hospitals, Urgent Care Facilities,Outpatient Services Hospitals/Urgent Care
  • Physicians Names, office phone, hospital affiliations Physicians
  • Nursing Care Nursing Homes & Rehabilitation, Home Care Agencies, Hospice Facilities Nursing Care
  • Local/State/National Resources Government, Non-government, Commercial Local/State/National Resources
  • Emergency Shelters Schools, colleges, other public and private buildings and facilities Emergency Shelters

By listing and maintaining current contact information, these types of organizations can help save lives.

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Did you know there are many local human service resources in Monroe County and surrounding areas to assist patients, neighbors or others trying to cope with the pandemic and other stresses – sources for food, clothing, shelter, mental health support and many other needs?  Calling 2-1-1 or going to can provide information to help address those issues. 

STEP is in the process of merging ESD’s many resources onto 211Lifeline’s platform to expand the availability of important information to a wider audience.  Because of the delays due to COVID, educational links for upcoming classes, webinars, and other informational sites for healthcare and other human service providers are still being maintained at for the time being, but many COVID-related links are available on both sites.  

STEP's goal is to continue to provide educational resources to our health and safety professionals through the 2-1-1 site while also expanding to include health-related organizations and educational web resources to the general community.  

Watch for more news about this exciting mutual project!!



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