• Ambulance/Air Transport Ambulance, Helicopter, Fixed Wing Ambulance/Air Transport
  • Fire Fire Departments/Districts, Search & Rescue Fire
  • Law Enforcement Police, Sheriffs, Security Law Enforcement
  • Hospitals/Outpatient Hospitals, Urgent Care Facilities,Outpatient Services Hospitals/Urgent Care
  • Physicians Names, office phone, hospital affiliations Physicians
  • Nursing Care Nursing Homes & Rehabilitation, Home Care Agencies, Hospice Facilities Nursing Care
  • Local/State/National Resources Government, Non-government, Commercial Local/State/National Resources
  • Emergency Shelters Schools, colleges, other public and private buildings and facilities Emergency Shelters

By listing and maintaining current contact information, these types of organizations can help save lives.

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Nomination Process for Upcoming Rochester Academy of Medicine Awards

The Rochester Academy of Medicine Awards Committee invites you to submit nominations for its 2021 annual awards.  The Academy offers us a special opportunity to acknowledge and commend our colleagues through these awards that are presented at our Annual Meeting.  The Annual Meeting for 2021 will be on October 19th, at 6:00 PM. In-person or remote meeting still to be determined.

Below is a listing and definition for each award.  The Award Committee urges all Members, Partners and Friends of the Academy to make nominations for these awards.  The nomination deadline is on 9/1/2021 and documents should be sent to Marc Ambrosi either electronically ( or in hard copy to Marc Ambrosi, Rochester Academy of Medicine, 1441 East Avenue, Rochester NY, 14610. 


Dr. Albert David Kaiser Medal:

The Dr. Albert David Kaiser medal is awarded to one physician who exemplifies outstanding professional and personal qualities and lifetime service in areas of medicine, public health and/or community welfare. The award represents recognition of lifetime achievement of national and – even – international contributions to medicine.  Nominations can be made by submitting the name of your nominee(s) along with the supporting documentation to highlight why you feel the individual merits the recognition.  Copies of CV’s should also be included.

The Madeline H. Schmitt, PhD, RN, FAAN Award for Interprofessional Education:   

In recognition of a lifetime of national and international contributions to the field, this award is bestowed upon a health care professional who has most demonstrably ‘broken barriers in healthcare’ and continues to change the landscape of healthcare education and practice through steadfast teaching of the importance of collaborative teamwork and by routinely fostering the inclusion of patients, families, health care providers and community partners in the delivery of the highest quality of care.  Nominations can be made by submitting the name of your nominee(s) along with the supporting documentation to highlight why you feel the individual merits the recognition.  Copies of CV’s should also be included.            

Dr. Lemuel A. Rogers Jr. Memorial Scholarship:

In partnership with Dr. Rogers' Family, the Black Physicians Network of Greater Rochester, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity and the Rochester Academy of Medicine, this scholarship is awarded to a current 4th year African American medical student who best demonstrates how the story of Dr. Rogers both relates to and inspires their life.  (The attached application provides more detail to the application requirements.) Rogers Scholarship Application_2021.pdf

Nurse Practitioner/Physician Assistant Award:

Award bestowed to either a Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant who demonstrates, at the highest level, the strongest ability to work collaboratively within a healthcare team in the delivery of the highest quality, evidence-based care that is patient/family focused.  This professional will be shown to have gone above and beyond the traditional service models by instituting cutting edge practices that positively advance the effectiveness of the valuable services they provide in delivering excellent patient care. Nominations can be made by submitting the name of your nominee(s) along with the supporting documentation to highlight why you feel the individual merits the recognition. 

Distinguished Service Awards

Distinguished Service Awards are given to individuals/teams in recognition of outstanding service in promoting health in the community.  The award is to reflect the interdisciplinary approach of the Academy.  The awards are given in the following categories:

1.    Distinguished Service Early in Career - This award recognizes an individual health care professional that is within 5 years of obtaining their professional degree (e.g., RN, NP, PA, MD, PhD, PharmD) and has already provided distinguished service in their specialty area.

2.    Distinguished Service as a Healthcare Team - This award recognizes a team whose efforts have positively impacted the health within our community.

3.    Distinguished Service in the Community - This award recognizes a community group or community-based organization whose service to the community they serve has been exceptional.

4.     Distinguished Service in Healthcare – Individual - This award recognizes an individual whose efforts have positively impacted the health within our community.

5.     Distinguished Service Award for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion - This award is given to an individual/team in recognition of development, implementation and/or evaluation of a program(s) that addresses issues of diversity, equity and/or inclusion that impacts the health within our community.

Nominations can be made by submitting the name of your nominee(s) along with the supporting documentation to highlight why you feel the individual merits the recognition.  Copies of CV’s should also be included.

Prize Awards

Awards for those studying in the diverse fields of healthcare are welcome to submit papers for the 2021 Prize Awards. The prize awards are given for scholarly writings including those that have been submitted or accepted for publication in peer-reviewed journals. 

The awards and the $500 stipend will be presented during the Academy’s Annual Meeting. Prize recipients are expected to submit a short summary of their papers for the Annual Meeting. 

Rules for Submission: Each submission must be submitted electronically to as a pdf. Only one prize will be awarded in each category. Contestants are welcome to submit papers in more than one category.  All prize awards will be confirmed before the names of those that submitted papers is shared with the committee members. 

Additional information regarding prize awards can be obtained from the Rochester Academy of Medicine by emailing Marc Ambrosi, Executive Director at


Kluge Trauma and Emergency Medical Service Award: 

Available to Health Care Professionals (Physicians, Nurse Practitioners’, Physicians Assistants, Nurses, Paramedics, Emergency Medical Technicians, and Students across the paradigm).  This award is for the best paper pertaining to Trauma-Critical Care, Acute Care and Emergency Medicine, in recognition of Dr. Kluge’s interest in these fields of endeavor.  The scientific paper should review a topic in Trauma-Critical Care, Acute Care and/or Emergency Medicine.  The submission can also be related to current research or a be journal article in the above-mentioned fields. Examples: pre-hospital care, mass casualty, pandemic preparation, any aspect of Trauma-Critical Care, Acute Surgery and/or Emergency Medicine, or retrospective presentation.

Carter & T. Franklin Williams Geriatric Award: 

Available to health care professional in training, for example, those studying for carriers in medicine, nursing, physical therapy, and social work.  $500 for the best paper on geriatric health care.  In recognition of the important role Carter and Frank William have played in our community and nationally in caring for the elderly, this paper should address a topic in geriatrics that combines both medical and social issues.  The paper may deal with research findings or may be a scholarly review of an important topic in geriatric medicine. 

Current Health Care Crisis Award: 

Award for the paper that best addresses an ongoing local/regional/national Health Care Crisis/Challenge. Given for the best paper pertaining to community/public health and/or preventive medicine. Recognizing Dr. Berg’s contribution to our community’s health, papers that deal with projects that have improved the health of our community are encouraged. (Sponsored through a generous anonymous donation).

High School Award:  

Award given to a High School Senior who is pursuing a career in the healthcare field and best responds to the question, “What do you feel is the most significant health care issue facing the Rochester Community and why?”.  1000-1500-word essay that must include a resume and description of all community service activities undertaken in the past 5 years.

Rochester Academy of Medicine Volunteer of the Year Award

The foundation of the Academy’s success is built on the many volunteers that selflessly give their time, labor, and expertise to help the Academy move forward positively.  This volunteer award is to recognize the person who has demonstrated a high level of initiative, creativity and passion and has been effective in helping the Academy achieve its mission and vision.

Reminder: Submission Deadline for Papers & Nominations

September 1st, 2021 

The nomination deadline is on 9/1/2021 and documents should be sent to Marc Ambrosi either electronically ( or in hard copy to Marc Ambrosi, Rochester Academy of Medicine, 1441 East Avenue, Rochester NY, 14610. 

The Rochester Academy of Medicine will present its annual awards on October 19, 2021 at the Academy’s historic home at 1441 East Avenue, beginning at 6:30 PM.  In-person or remote meeting still to be determined.

November 2020 newsletter



2-1-1 & ESD Merging Resources

Did you know there are many local human service resources in Monroe County and surrounding areas to assist patients, neighbors or others trying to cope with the pandemic and other stresses – sources for food, clothing, shelter, mental health support and many other needs?  Calling 2-1-1 or going to can provide information to help address those issues. 

STEP is in the process of merging ESD’s many resources onto 211Lifeline’s platform to expand the availability of important information to a wider audience.  Because of the delays due to COVID, educational links for upcoming classes, webinars, and other informational sites for healthcare and other human service providers are still being maintained at for the time being, but many COVID-related links are available on both sites.  

STEP's goal is to continue to provide educational resources to our health and safety professionals through the 2-1-1 site while also expanding to include health-related organizations and educational web resources to the general community.  

Watch for more news about this exciting mutual project!!


COVID Resources

Are you looking for COVID-19 online resources?  There are many listed on our Educational Links page.  Dated webinars are listed among the other dated webinars, conferences, etc.  Non-dated webinars and other resources are listed further down the page under the green COVID-19 resources headline.  Additional resources will be added as the information becomes available.  Take care and stay healthy!!

Hand Sanitizer Supply in Monroe County area

Black Button Distilling in Rochester NY is producing ethanol based hand sanitizer for the medical community, to be sold at cost. The first batch has been made according to the FDA regulations.  

From Black Button's President, Jason Barrett:

"Doctors, hospitals, paramedics, nursing homes, first responders, daycares, homeless shelters, foster care facilities, rehabilitation facilities, medical clinics and other high risk populations should use the link below and password to place there order. Deliveries will flow as fast as possible.

Password: BBDcovid19 (password is case sensitive)

Parties outside of Monroe County should check back regularly as we grow our delivery area and are able to make more available. The situation is developing rapidly and we are responding as fast as possible.

Any questions should be directed to"

STEP Conference 2020 Update

STEP Conference 2020

The 2020 STEP Conference will be held April 3-4, 2020 with a preconference on April 2nd at the Hilton Garden Inn at College Town, 30 Celebration Drive, Rochester, NY 14620. Speakers from EMS, Fire & other health and public safety arenas will discuss medical, trauma, pediatric and operational topics among others.  There is also a specific fire-related track (not-eligible for EMS CME credits in most cases).  Additionally, this year workshops include two of the mandated topics required for those providers using the NYS EMS CME recertification process (EMS Mental Health on Saturday afternoon and 2 chances for Safe Transport of Children either Saturday morning or afternoon).

This year STEP is happy to welcome participation by the Monroe Livingston Regional EMS Council (MLREMS), who will be presenting their annual awards at Friday morning's breakfast, while the presentation of STEP's annual awards will be at Saturday morning’s breakfast.

As in past years, the vendor area will be open from 7:30am to 4pm on Friday, while on Saturday, the vendor area will be open until after lunch. For the full conference, including breakfast and buffet lunch both days, plus the usual breaks, and coffee all day both days, the fee for attendees is only $195. Additional pricing for a single day, or for the preconference can be found on the registration site.

For attendee registration or information go to:

For vendor information or registration go to:

Hotel rooms at the Hilton Garden Inn are available at a special conference rate until March 12th.  For further information about hotel reservations or other conference-related questions, contact  

Information on nominations for the Lloyd Leve or Joanna awards or the Chloe Alexson scholarship can be found by going to the STEP website page  The deadline for nomination letters is March 1st .

The conference agenda is as follows:

ROC the Day 2019

This Tuesday, December 3rd is ROC the Day (aka: Giving Tuesday) Please consider supporting the STEP Council of the Genesee Region. Help us provide continuing education for Emergency Services personnel, maintain the Emergency Services Directory and the region's EMS History archive. 

Go to: #ROCtheDay  #GivingTuesday  

Speaker Change at the STEP Conference

Because of the budget process in Albany, NYS Director of EMS & Trauma, Ryan Greenburg will not be able to attend this year's conference.  However, his deputy, Steve Dziura will be sharing new initiatives and other changes related to EMS in a plenary session on Saturday morning March, 30th at 9am.  This is also a switch in time as Dr Jeremy Cushman will do his popular "What's Hot and What's Not in EMS" 2019 edition at the Friday March 29th plenary session at 1pm.

Time is growing short, so please sign up at you are able to join us at the 2019 STEP Conference!!


January 2019 Newsletter



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